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Always wanted to create a game?
Let's do it togheter!

Here's a list of thing we can use some help with:

An artist capable of creating environment concepts based on the writer’s indications, expressing his own style and creativity.

Someone who can create 2d platformer levels based on the GDD (game design document) provided by the team that inlcudes all the foundamentals mechanics of the game.

The project can either be done in unity or just detailed blue prints.

An artist who can create visual rapresentations of the different characters/monsters described in the story.

A composer who can help deliver the general mood of the story trough ambient and action soundtracks.

More info about the game here


    Is any previous experience required?

    No, although any kind of previous experiences are considered, we are mostly focused on passion and capabilities.
    Our goal is to give anyone the opportunity to express their talent and creativity.

    How is this collaboration is going to work?

    In this “start-up phase” we are looking for freelancers.
    Once your profile is selected, you will be contacted to discuss the specifics of your tasks and payment.
    Of course, your contribution will be credited following industry standards.
    The terms for compensation, confidentiality and rights may vary depending on the job requested, so it will be negotiated for each different activity.

    What kind of information is most relevant in the ``about you`` section?

    Everything you think may be relevant to your experience, but most importantly, we would like to know what motivates you and why you want to create video games.
    This section can be as long as you want. There is no right or wrong answer, we just want to get to know you on a personal level.

    How should i share my portfolio?

    If you are already using an online platform to showcase your portfolio, simply copy and paste the link, otherwise you can create a Google Drive public folder and paste its link.

    Can i apply for more than one positions?

    Yes, just send a separate application using the same name and email address

    If you have more questions click here